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STOP PRESS TV -George Galloway

PRESS TV, founded and funded by the Iranian regime, has never had it so good. While the Iranian independent and pro-reformist have been shut down, and many journalists and bloggers have been arrested, the Iranian regime has even sent foreign journalists back home. Furthurmore the Internet services in Iran have been slowed down while SMS facilities, as people's means of communications, have been interrupted. Thanks to Nokia-Siemens technology the Iranian regime have the baility to eavsedrop people's conversations while they have interrupted. Thus no one, westeners and Iranians alike, are able to witness the crimes happening in Iran. PRESS TV have been acting as the mouthpiece of the criminals who have remained in power by engineering a coup, for which to happen, they have arrested, beaten, tortured and killed many. Neck Ferrari a PRESS TV presenter has recently quit his job over "bias" in PRESS TV reporting and in "protest after regime crishung dissent" after Iranian elections. In addition to Nick Ferrari, Press TV has employed: Cherie Blair's sister Lauren Booth, The MPs Derek Conway and George Galloway, and the journalists Andrew Gilligan and Yvonne Ridley.

OFCOM, esteblished as a body corporate by the Office of Communications Act 2002, is responsible to regulate UK communications industries, with responsibilities accross Television, Radio telecommunications and wireless communications services. Ofcom is already investigating a complaint that PRESS TV has breached its duty to be "accurate" and "impartial".

According to Potkin Azarmehr an activist, and a popular blogger, the coup govornment has not yet had to pay a price abroad, for the the crimes that they have committed invluding, killing, wounding and arresting protesters in Iran.

SWIPP urges its members and non-member supporters to ACT upon this call. We need to make complaints to OFCOM regarding bias coverage of PRESS TV regarding Iranian post elestion events. Please follow the link below and take a minute or two to make a complaint. Remember people are being beaten on the street and this is the very least we can do.

Additionally you can make complains to Stop The War Coalition for cooperating with Regime apologists such as George Galloway. You could ask very simple questions such as :

1- Why is George Galloway cooperating with Press TV, a bias media, founded by iranian govornment, who has been ignoring the crimes taken place in Iran and has been spreading nonesense about the nature of the protests.

2- Why Mr Galloway, being so obsessed with Israeili crimes and Palestinian victims, has turned a blind eye on atrocities taking place in Iran?

3- Why Mr Galloway, being so obsessed with the victims of war in Iraq and afghanistan, has chosen to completely ignore the Iranian protesters on the street who have been killed, arrested, wounded for expressing their view about the rigged elections through marching peacefully on the streets of Iranian towns and cities?

4- Why Mr Galloway, being so concerned about institutional crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, has kept silent about the mass arrest of journalists and politicak activists in Iran?

6- Why Mr Galloway, being a shameful apologist for Ahmadinejad's govornment has failed to recognize the crimes of the coup govornment?

How can he place Ahmadinejad's govornement in the category of anti-imperialist and defenders of the working class govornments? Has he forgotten the main backers of Ahmadinejad (Sepah) have gained key financial resources through the privatisation scheme in Iran? Has he failed to see that Sepah-e-pasdaran in Iran owns an unknown number of corporations, mines, factories, and has heavyinvestments in oil, gas and arms industries?

CALL Stop The War Coalition and raise your deep concerns about cooperation with George Galloway:

Or email them byfilling a form at:,com_contact/Itemid,3/

Additionally call George Galloway's Office on:


George Galloway's constituency office on:

Alternatively if you wish to email him, send your emails to:

Please Spread the links to everyone that you know.

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