Solidarity With Iranian People's Protests (SWIPP) --- UK Central Branch (London)


9th of July (18 e TIR) demo in London

Please join us outside Iranian embassy from 5:30 pm, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Iranian students protests on 9th of July (18 e Tir)

10 Years ago the protests were triggered off after closure of "Salam" newspaper and introduction of university fees. The students had occupied the Universities in Tehran and elsewhere, where their main slogan was: "Azaadi e Andisheh - Hamisheh Hasmiheh" - Freedom of Tought , forever forever. The students were brutallu murdered by the members of Sepah, Basij and Plain Clothes police(Lebas shakhsi) in their dormitories. Many students disappeared and were discovered, much later among Evin prisoners. Many were not disqualified from studying. Many members of student union were pressurized, threatened and jailed every once in a chile for years. 9th of July has been commemorated ever since by students and the rest of the public ever since.

Join the protests outside Iranian Embassy today - (th of July- 5:30 pm

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